Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Macro images of boiling water

The following images are crops of macro shots of boiling water. About 2cm of water was boiled in stainless steel pot over a low flame.

Due to the need for very short exposure times (1/1000 s) the camera's pop up flash was used. The flash caused a very harsh reflection on the pot, so a sheet of white paper was put as far as possible (without obstructing the lens) front of the flash to act as a diffuser.

As the images below will clearly illustrate, bubbles of steam formed in boiling water are not necessarily spherical or even close to ellipsoidal.

Click here for large size image

Click here for large size image

Click here for large size image


On a completely unrelated topic...

I'm having a chat with a cousin (Jem) now, and it is turning out to be very surreal. Maybe absurd.

Yee Wei

his presence might have clouded my truth

in that case i may be believing in a fuzzy adorable truth that is infact a cloud hiding the real truth


yeah. but the cloud is cute
it looks a bit like a dragon now

ah....evil little critter

it is cute though
so cuddly!

Does it taste like cotton candy?

let me give it a lick..
more like plain cotton
leaves a horrid fibrous feeling in the oral cavity
smells strangely like dragon piss though


not fun at all

serves you right......who ask you to go and lick it