Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mimosa pudica's flower

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Kuala Lumpur orgasmed

On the eighth night of the Lunar Year, Kuala Lumpur arched her back in a loud and frantic display of light and sound that went on till the early hours of the next day.

The action started on a sedate pace, with occasional bursts of fireworks and popping noises from distant unseen crackers. After half an hour of foreplay, the sky began to light up with showers of golden light accompanied with ever more frequent booms.

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The noise... the noise was something to behold. It sounded like a pair of very active humans copulating noisily upon a wobbly bed that was attached to the pedal of a drum set.

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The booming went on and on, just below the threshold of climaxing. For the whole of half an hour, the imaginary wobbly bed and the drum set kept on booming. Sometimes gently, sometimes with such ferocity that the noise reverberated off the façade of apartment blocks.

And then they scaled it; they were beyond the threshold. The imaginary couple really saw fireworks. The sky erupted in light and magic accompanied by the frantic booming of explosions.

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The eruption of sensations was electric. Across the sky, flashes of orange, green, purple, red, blue and yellow appeared like sugar sprinkles on a birthday cake, and quickly faded away as gracefully as a swan paddling on the Lake Baikal. Glowing embers flung by the explosions drew squiggly lines on photographic films, looking very much like hopelessly lost sperm cells in a rectum.

When it was over, entire districts and townships were left blanketed in a light soothing haze that smelled of explosives.

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