Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another new old phone; “Klang Blogger’s Gathering”; Back in China

My phone is a cute little 6510 from the turn of the century. It was graciously given by May. Last week, Jean gave me her 6510 as well, and I managed to pinch the champagne-coloured cover from Joo Lee (whose 6510 is no longer functional).

Nokia 6510

Click here for large size image

So now I have two Nokia 6510s. One for my China sim card, and the other can run my Malaysian sim card. Not bad wat, you can send texts to me at local rates and I’ll respond to you without needing to roaming rates.

I still hold on to my record of never having purchased a phone off the shelf; the first was May’s old phone, the second came with my phone line package, my third and fourth are these 6510s. Nothing to be proud of, some insist.


The little gathering that later became known as the Klang Blogger’s Gathering was a blast. We met up on Saturday night for ‘supper’ at TGIF Subang Parade, and proceeded to become the noisiest group and the last to leave.

Back row, L-R: Vickna, Anucia, Kavilan, Gerald, self, Jean
Front row, L-R: Jacinta, Sabrina
Photo from Gerald

It was nothing short of fantastic.


I’m now in China; the trip was unpleasant.

Monday 9.30 pm: Leave the house for KLIA
Tuesday 12.30 am: Flight scheduled to depart
1.00 am: Flight delayed to 1.00 am
7.30 am: Arrived at Beijing Airport
10.00 am: Depart for Tianjin via Beijing Airport-Tianjin shuttle bus
12.30pm: Arrived in Tianjin bus terminal. Took a taxi to TEDA Economic and Technological Development Area.
1.30pm: Arrived home half dead from lack of sleep, minor claustrophobia (China Air provides no leg room), nausea, bad airline food and dehydration.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008


In the form of ice cream and tiramisu.

Honey, I’m home! Hence the long spell of silence.

Yet another photo of the Beijing Airport

Click here for large size image


I dropped by at Singapore for visit over the weekend, and one of the highlights of the weekend was sampling some Movenpick ice cream. Yes I hear it’s available in Malaysia; I’m sorry if I sound like I come from a kampung – I just returned from China.

It’s mind blowingly awesome. The strawberry ice cream was absurdly smooth, and the flavour was light and refreshingly sour. Fruity. And there were generous blobs of frozen strawberry chunks in the ice cream.

If you were to let the crystal-free ice cream melt in your mouth, the fruity sourness melts away leaving an occasional frozen bit of fruit. Let that thaw and it regains its strawberry-ness.

The cappuccino ice cream was another case study in orgasm-inducing food. It consists of mostly of coffee ice cream with some swirls of vanilla. And dispersed everywhere are fine chocolate chips. The coffee and vanilla ice cream melts first, leaving a residue of chocolate sediment in the mouth. This then quickly dissolves into a happy, chocolaty nothingness.

I suppose the appropriate thing to say now would be “I <3 Movenpick ice cream.”


We made tiramisu some days ago. It came out a little short of a whole tiramisu due to a minor misjudgement, but was still fantastic. The gratuitously generous quantity of strong coffee and Tia Maria helped save the day.

With a naked cake in the fridge, I scribbled something on a sheet of paper and cut it out into a stencil for sprinkling cocoa on the cake.

It’s one of THE most remarkable equation in complex mathematics, eiπ=-1

The first was a mess because I hand-held the stencil; the last one was incomplete because I had to try the tiramisu.


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