Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yesterday I saw a magnificently disgusting event at the toilet.

Most Muslim men will use a bit of water to wash their penis after peeing. In some nice urinals, the flush has a spout that has water coming out so that they can use their hands to scoop the water to wash their snake. However, many urinals don’t have that spout so people have to make do.

In this factory, the urinal is not a nice ceramic one. It’s like the ones in schools and government offices- a stainless steel common wall, drain at the bottom and some nozzles at the top. These nozzles spray water directly on the wall to form a thin film of running water for flushing the wall. Usually, the factory workers will use their hand to collect some water at the nozzle outlet and wipe their snakes with their wet fingers.

Yesterday was different.

While I was doing my business with my snake at one end of the urinal, a construction worker did his thing with his own snake at the other end. When he was done he pulled the flush, leaned forward, and instead of reaching his hand out for the water nozzle, he used his arm to brace himself against the cement wall above the urinal, and leaned forward towards the stainless steel wall of the urinal. With his hips thrust towards the urinal, he used his hands to help rub the tip of his presumably circumcised snake against the stainless steel wall several times to get it rinsed with water. The stainless steel wall of a urinal, at a height which many people will urinate directly on to*.

Oh golly, that was nasty.

*If one did a bacteria count of water from a urinal nozzle that was collected on a hand, and compared the result with a swab taken from a urinal wall, the difference would probably be negligible. However, the ick-factor would be greatly different.