Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh look, a meme!

Seeing that I have not done stupid things in a while, I might as well fulfil my monthly quota (the smoke incident was not stupid; it was tragic). Here is a meme pinched from ze godsister:

Do you consider yourself weird or crazy?

Who do you think the teddy bear was named after?
A long time ago I read in a general knowledge books for young children that it was Theodore Roosevelt. There’s a story behind it, something about a bear.

Do you like mint?
Generally ok.
However, I have seen mint things that most people cannot imagine (no, I’m sure you can easily imagine a mint flavoured condom). In this instance, it was a mint flavoured pau (the white steamed buns typically filled with char siew, red bean or kaya). The sweet, warm, menthol-laden and cooling paste came as quite a shock, seeing I was not expecting mint in my pau.

Are you sexually confused?
Despite being accused of that now and then, I am not sexually confused. When I was working at the restaurant, I had the extreme misfortune of having a gay man ask me if I can be dessert. Horrors. If it was a woman I could have at least flirted back or something.

Are you claustrophobic?
Only when I’m feeling restless on long flights when I am already tired, unwell and then stuffed into a non-aisle seat.

Are you afraid of heights?

Do you think you sing well?
No, and I’m certain of it. I feel exceedingly out of place in karaoke sessions – the fact that I don’t really pay attention to songs make me not know a whole lot of them.
Do you know this song? No. What about this, surely you’ve heard it before? Er.. no. Ok, this one then? No.
Ultimately it frustrates the shit out of whoever who’s trying to be helpful, and I end up paying to watch people sing.

Do you like anyone?
Yah I like Jean!! <3

Do you think branded things are over-rated?
Sometimes, it’s comforting to know that the plane you are travelling in is an Airbus instead of a Fokker.
Also, the difference between a BMW and a Proton shouldn’t be neglected.

Do you think you're likely to get dementia at old age?
Does not seem likely, if my grandparents are any indication.

Do you cross dress?
Yes. I have a rather splendid collection of blouses, pleated skirts, evening gowns, knickers, A-cup bras, a few nylon stockings (these used to be really rare during the 2nd World War because parachutes were supposedly more important than stockings) and patent leather heels.
However, I have some rather masculine clothing so I’m not totally whacked. I’m particularly fond of my collection of studded leather underwear.

Are you into magazines?
I used to be, when I had to take a 45-minute train ride to that silly institution masquerading as a school. Back then we had a shit load of magazine subscriptions at home – National Geographic, Far Eastern Economic Review, Reader’s Digest, Time, Asiaweek, Discover, Scientific America, The Planetary Review.
The fees must have amounted to a bomb, but those 2 years of reading gave me so much knowledge that in hind sight, that silly institution might have been good for me after all (only because it forced me into sitting in a train for 1.5 hours a day).

Do you read a lot?
I used to. When I had access to the university’s library I would dig up books from the medicine, mathematics, physics and economics library for kicks.
Now I just work, study and waste time.

Are you an atheist?
No, I’m somewhere between a Buddhist, Taoist and agnostic.

Are you hard headed?
No, in fact my skull is so soft you could press it with the back of the spoon and it’d yield, allowing you to manipulate (or even scoop out) the contents. Inside, you’d mostly find air and differential equations.

Are you into movies?

Do you like the TV?
I used to dislike it. Now I just don’t give it a damn.

Do you like the computer?
It’s my only way to connect with the world. No TV, no movies, no newspapers…

Are you fond of cosplaying?
Only if the hot girls wear teasingly short skirts with tight blouses. And if the guys stay out of sight.
But really, that situation need not be restricted to cosplay alone.
And I cannot relate to cosplay, so I will simply say I am not fond of cosplay.

Do you hate rap?
I just hate listening to it.

Do you wear polka-dotted undies?
Oh yea! Forgot to mention my polka-dotted undies earlier. A matching set of panties and bra.

Are you interested in politics?
Not really.

Are you a man of many words or are you a man of a few words?
Few words. Very few words.

Are you good at small talk?
As suggested above, no. I’m terrible at small talk.

Will you grow up to be a fine man?
I’m already grown up, a man. Cannot attest to my fineness.

How do you feel after completing this dumbass survey?
Like the dumbass I am. I just wasted a bunch of time that could have been used for studying. And the exam is next Sunday.
Dumbass indeed.

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