Saturday, November 11, 2006

Justifying this page’s existence

Every now and then, the topic of the aims of blogging crops up. I might as well do mine now.

Why I do it:
To show off that I can take photographs, that I know my mathematics, that I can handle non-classical physics, that I can write rubbish. In other words, attention whoring.
To keep my idea organisation and presentation skills sharp
To practice my Chinese
As a dump for the dirty thoughts that would otherwise clog up my cranium
To let friends and family (those that read anyway) know I am still alive and doing things

What I have gained from this little game:
Met a few more people: Diana, Jean, Pamela, Wuching, Yvy
Got myself a job
Reading those interesting people on the right

A bit more about the job hunt adventure:

The advertisement said they were looking for someone with "technical and presentation skills". For the interview, I printed the following articles as my portfolio:

A general handwaving guide to digital photography
The JFE 8555 problem revisited- digital roots
Experimental results on the Panasonic DMC-FZ30’s macro focal distance and magnification factor throughout its zoom range
Floor cleaning algorithms
Intake Horns- an excerpt from the draft of 'Automotive Engines'

“This paper is on pure mathematics, number theory. It proves that digital roots can be obtained by summing digits in any order. And this is one on automotive engineering. It is presented at a level suitable for an interested non-engineer. It also shows my idea presentation skills, where the concepts are incrementally changed to transform intake manifolds into induction horns. And this is a guide to photography written with minimum technicalities [blablabla…]

I got the job.

(this section is a good example of ‘showing off’)

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