Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A few days ago, I somehow mentioned to my housemate that Malaysia has a significant minority of Indians. He was surprised, and was curious if they brought their own culture (from India) or assimilated into the existing culture.

He said he was interested because Australia is seeing a lot of Indian immigrants recently, and he is not keen on Melbourne turning into “Little India”.

This coming from a white Australian’s mouth is extremely ironic, because Australia is Little Britannia.


On another note, I have confirmed and paid for my air ticket back home. I’ll be arriving on the 30th of November and departing on the 3rd of January. This is probably a good time to start collecting reading material for the flight. Wuxia novels sound like a good option- the plots are sufficiently engaging and I read pathetically slowly. Also, downloaded and printed sheets do not take up much space.


The restaurant I work at might be redoing the menus to incorporate photographs of the dishes. And I’ll be doing the photos! Finally, my photography might have some commercial value after all.

Photos tomorrow!

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