Friday, September 02, 2005

Ahh! Ghosts in my CD box!

To cut a long, uninspiring story short, today I borrowed two audio-CDs today from the Melbourne City Library.

Opening the CD boxes had a strange effect of producing a slight sensation of nostalgia within me. Before jumping to the obvious conclusion that it MUST be due Johann Sebastian Bach’s spirit residing in the CD box (as if there was a lack of good CD boxes, and assuming that CD boxes are prime real estate in the afterlife), I thought over the problem.

Traditionally, CD boxes are made with 3 parts: the clear front cover, the black coloured inner lining where the CD sits, and the clear rear cover. Of late, it is becoming more common to see boxes made entirely out of clear plastic, and also slim boxes made of 2 pieces rather than 3. If you are in the habit of purchasing pirated intellectual property, you’ll see many of those fugly one-piece mouldings as well.

It turns out that the fleeting moment of nostalgia is most probably due to the black inner lining of the CD boxes. I haven’t seen those in a long while- most of my CDs are stored in a CD folder, and the few precious original discs have clear boxes.

Are CD boxes with black inner linings on the path to extinction?

Keep your old CD boxes. Your grandchildren will be impressed by the contrast between black surface and silver disc.