Friday, June 10, 2005

A few notable things that happened in the past 6575 days

  • The Earth has made 18 circuits around the sun.

  • The Soviet Union collapsed.

  • Williams F1 won the Constructors Championship six times. details

  • Poincaré's conjecture was finally proven after 100 years. details

  • My brother was born.

  • Another brother was born (not simultaneously nor immediately after the previous)

  • A very happy 18th birthday to Yee Hou!

    ps. 365 x 18 is not 6575. You need to include 5 leap days occuring on the 29th February of 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004.


    Blogger 小李飞刀 said...

    haha, this is by far the most unique birthday greeting I've ever seen !!

    7:03 pm, June 10, 2005  
    Anonymous Ad said...

    HAPPY burpday to Yee Hou too! erm.. oh yeah... I'm his roomate :)

    9:10 pm, June 10, 2005  
    Blogger Dr. Tan said...

    Thankiew koko!!! Haha.. nice ler ur greeting. Btw, he sent me a postcard showing 2 koalas. He started off with 'I hope you like koalas, if not..too bad".. anyway, he said something about the koala's nose being ugly... thankiew... nice greeting here

    11:59 pm, June 10, 2005  

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