Friday, May 27, 2005

The Kiss

An attempt at micro-fiction.

[May 29 edit: Note the disclaimer above- An attempt at micro-fiction. The contents below did not happen to me. I did not try to kiss a man while trying to promote motor racing. A revised version is in the works to avoid these stupid gender confusions, among other shortcomings.]

The Kiss

by Tan Yee Wei

“You free this Sunday night? The European Grand Prix will be on at 8.00,” I asked him.
“Will it be any good?” He may be a man, but he is not much into cars and motor sports. Unlike me.

“Yes lah. Otherwise I wouldn’t ask you right? Anyway, the qualifying format is now a single 1 lap session, and BAR-Honda will be returning to racing. Circuit should be interesting; some heavy braking and tricky chicanes to promote potential overtaking.”

“Ok ok, I trust you. Dinner before that?” he invited.
“Come over to my place, I’ve got some nice fish.”
“I’ll bring some fruits over. And…and ice cream.”

I pulled him closer and hugged him. I kissed him on his lips; he opened his mouth slightly. A warm, humid, saliva-ish and distinctly oral-cavity smell came to my senses. Immediately after that, I was hit by a pungent and musty smell of decaying vegetation.

I pushed him away, repulsed by his bad breath. “Tiu nia seng! Never brush teeth is it?”
Quickly gathering myself, I tried to mend the situation. “Sorry… slight over-reaction.”

Bad breath is good for bursting bubbles.

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