Monday, May 30, 2005

Zhuk Cong Yup Si Fat

Zhuk chong yup si fat - catch a worm and put it up the anus (Cantonese); analogous to the phrase "shooting oneself in the foot"

I seem to be persistently creating confusion regarding my sexual orientation. Here is a list of potentially misleading things I’ve done over the past few months.

  • Experimented with nail buffing, and found that I liked the shine.

  • Used a cool pink colour scheme for my blog. (Pink will be back when blue goes off on a holiday)

  • Used the MSN nick “if only I had slimmer legs, I could sit with my legs crossed more elegantly”.

  • Wrote an ambiguous story about someone kissing a man, which could easily be misinterpreted as me kissing a man.

  • My nail buffing essay got published in The Voice (a biannual publication of the Melbourne University Overseas Student Union)

  • My nail buffing essay will be published in the International Engineering Student Society newsletter, entitled something like “Experiments of a (Genderly) Confused Mind”.

  • To hopefully convince you that I’m still reasonably sure of myself, here is a sample of porn. She’s not properly naked in the picture, to protect your innocent minds. You don’t want to know what sort of things lurks under those clothes between her legs. You really wouldn’t want to know.

    Wah, leng lui, please keep your clothes on.

    My silly nail polishing essay made it to publication. Twice over. With no effort on my part. A friend with tendrils reaching deep into the MUOSS power circle needed material for the magazine, and he approached me to print that thing. My housemate Adrian who has his own set of tentacles groping at the IESS’s own Kremlin was requested to write something for publication. Being busy/lazy/can’t be bothered, he forwarded my essay instead.

    End note:

    I actually thought it would be amusing if I put a picture of a muscular yet ‘cute’ man instead of that Japanese girl in that picture, and add another item to my list above. But then, it would create even more confusion. This time around, prudence ruled.