Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fine. 25 16 things.

  1. I enjoy cooking, although my repertoire is a bit limited. I also like cooking for people now and again. 
  2. When I was young, I had many problems with my urinary tract/kidneys/bladder. My mother says there was an overnight bag always ready when we needed to go to University Hospital. And we went to the hospital a lot – sometimes a few times in a week. When it was all finally resolved some years later, the bill for the years of antibiotics and medication amounted to something like RM 100. The wonders of government healthcare. But don’t ask me, I have absolutely no recollection.
  3. In 2003 to 2005, I was mostly fascinated with writing and the art of sentence crafting. When I look back at my stuff, I’m still amazed used to be able to write such things. This, for example.
  4. In 2004 to 2007, I immersed myself in mathematics and physics. I’d go to the university’s mathematics and physics libraries to oogle at the hot geek chicks and get books that sometimes become too in-depth for me after 20 pages. The maths did me much good.
  5. From 2007 to the present, I have been fixated with finance. The first hook was financial derivatives by virtue of its non-linear valuation and tricky mathematics. The second was foreign exchange, because I was working with two currencies. My accounts are now in three currencies.
  6. I have one flat foot.
  7. I have a huge number of accounts: cash in China, cash in Malaysia, cash in Australia, savings in China, savings in Malaysia, savings in Australia, parents’ payables/receivables, Jean’s payables/receivables, May’s payables/receivables and a consolidated position. But only 3 bank accounts. 
  8. When I was setting up my recording system I had considered MYOB, but the student version I could get hold of can only handle one currency. SAP and Oracle are powerful but not (easily) available as pirated/cracked software. So I did it all on MS Excel with a huge number of worksheets, linked data, exchange rates and automatic functions. I’m sure my improvised and half-baked accounting would not meet the requirements of the IASB. But I can chart any number of variables against time, such as bank account balance, net position, exchange rates…
  9. Oh and I don’t have much money, just a bit of money scattered here and there. So many accounts and so little money bleah.
  10. I started doing taekwondo in 1998, and had to stop in 2003 because of a weak foot/ankle. I then moved to karate for about 2 years until I was no longer welcome at the university (non-students/ staff pay a premium for facilities), I went boxing at the gym. With a well developed idea of how to transfer momentum, I was able to match the impact of much larger and faster people.
  11. I was never able to execute a proper jumping reverse swing until this year.
  12. The first (and only) time I got drunk was in 2003 when my friends came over for my farewell shortly before flying to Melbourne. I got conned into drinking a small cup of wine with each of them. And I later realised they were drinking Coca Cola while I was fed all the wine. Tossers.
  13. I like taking walks. This started as a necessity to save on tram tickets, but I quickly realised my mind relaxes easily with the monotonous plodding of footsteps.
  14. I like sunsets. The kind where the sun remains visible till it disappears down the horizon, not the kind where the sun fades away before it actually sets.
  15. I rarely see sunrises. The times I do see it is usually when I have not slept the night before.
  16. I’m very fussy when it comes to lighting. Having a lone light fixture in the middle of the room does not cut it – this is usually terrible for a desk placed along the wall as my head will cast a shadow on whatever I’m  trying to read. I’ll set up a small bright light and direct it against the wall to illuminate the desk space with diffuse light.
It's decided - we are going to Hong Kong! *excited*

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