Monday, February 16, 2009

Botched Valentine's Day plans

My St. Valentine’s Day plan was very simple, bordering on tiresomely unadventurous: design a greeting card in advance and email it a few days ahead.

The greeting ‘card’ was a MS Excel spreadsheet, with the general form of the contents as follows:
=if( today() >= B1, “Valentine’s Day greeting message”, “come back later”)

And the contents of cell B1 was the date 14 February 2009.

In plain language - if today is 14th February or later, show “Valentine’s Day greeting message”, otherwise show “come back later”.

The sheet was then protected and locked with a password to prevent the recipient from finding out the intended message ahead of time.


All this effort, however, was futile.

She changed her Windows date to 14th February, thus hoodwinking MS Excel and circumventing my carefully constructed mechanisms.