Monday, December 01, 2008


With the Large Hadron Collider’s scheduled turn-on being delayed by several months, my year-end plans have been thrown into disarray. Tell me, how can one celebrate the winter solstice without the company of Higgs bosons?

As if the uncertainty was not causing enough misery, my personal accounts suffered a valuation allowance equal to the full value of my outstation claims.


On a more cheerful note, May had been raving about this Cold Stone ice cream franchise in the US. You pick your ice cream flavour, some toppings (including brownie bits, oreos, Kit Kat, Reese, various fruits) and they mix it up on a chilled stone slab. Yes it’s not very different from a McFlurry but if it’s good ice cream...

Yesterday, I saw a Cold Stone signboard while in a taxi. After some research, I found that they have several outlets in Shanghai, one of them is just 4 metro stops away. Yay!

Looks like I have plans this weekend. Apart from studying and sitting for the exam.

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