Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tomorrow, I’ll be off to Shanghai. Weather is expected to hover between ‘unpleasant’ and ‘nasty’ at 6 to 13 °C.

On Monday, I’ll take another flight to Tianjin (further north, close to Beijing). Weather in Tianjin will not be as rosy as Shanghai; the forecast is for ‘bitter’ to ‘miserable’ weather at 1 to 8 °C.

I’m not exactly looking forward to my trip- the recluse in me is slightly wary of changes. However, the rational mind continuously reminds me that this will be an interesting development. At the very least, it will be something new to look forward to.

[the above was written at midmorning, Thursday; the below was written at 2 am on Friday, the day I’m flying off]

Shit I need to pack. Just blew RM 10 on a 110-minute phone call; Mom will be impressed I sucked her IDD card dry. Very impressed.

The next update will be from the People’s Republic of China. Toodles!

PS. I love You.

Oh, and this blog is three years old.