Monday, January 21, 2008


On some occasions when we look back at the history of our lives, we see little decisions that resulted in substantial changes in our lives. Perhaps one might be grateful for attending the New Year party at Zouk instead of the Ministry of Sound, because one met the spouse in Zouk.

It may be true that one met the joy of his/her life at the New Year party at Zouk, but one should not forget that the New Year Party at the Ministry of Sound might also have held some personalities of compatible nature.

At any rate, the course of human life is chaotic in nature: small changes in the initial conditions can lead to drastically different outcomes. (In this example, choosing a different party to attend will have led to a different married-life)

[ This was intended to be a handwaving discussion on the feasible short and long-term planning horizons available to a person However, I found some internal contradictions within my arguments, hence they will be scrapped. ]


On another note, I am thoroughly fascinated with the following technique.

I tried a severely watered-down variant- a feint turning kick followed with a jumping reverse swing. Needs more work, but given sufficient practice it should open to the path for further developments in show-off techniques.

Click here for large size image
Hanimar 400mm f/6.3 exposed at f/11 or thereabouts

On yet another note, I will be leaving Melbourne in 10 days time, and not expected to return in the foreseeable future. The resignation is complete- my last day of work is the 7th of February. With my remaining leave days exercised, it brings my last day forward to the 30th of January.

After the New Year, I start work in Shanghai, China. My first year spent in fire safety engineering has been productive. As the de facto modeller, I have acquired a certain measure of 1337ness in numerical methods and modelling a variety of systems. These would come in useful someday.

Someday, when/if I need to do any financial modelling, this will be invaluable addition to my portfolio of abilities.



Blogger jean` said...

1337ness which also had help from books - of which i have yet to find the so called edge you picked up.

i dont think i can do financial modelling for nuts wtf. !!

11:37 pm, January 21, 2008  
Blogger sabrina said...

WAHHHH!!!!!! Very the terrer la!! Dude you videotape yourself doin that and post...sure you can do wan!

Oh and what the hell was that whole last bit about Jesus? Hee hee

Oh and are you sad about leaving Australia? I mean you've been there for soo long right?

4:58 pm, January 22, 2008  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

Finance books too! The edge lies in simulating things as realisitcally as possible with as little detail as possible.

Long way to go la...

Yeah, wierd. Near the end a taekwondo logo flashed for a while. The logo has the words "jesus loves you". Damn freaky.

Not really; I need a change. Been here for 3.5 years but i have not developed any strong feeling for Melbourne.

2:55 pm, January 23, 2008  
Blogger sabrina said...

Really ah? Good la...if not it would be really hard for you to leave! I am the type of creature who can get attached to a place after just one week....then when i have to leave i get all depressed!

Anyway best of luck to you in your new job and country dude

10:45 pm, January 23, 2008  

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