Friday, January 11, 2008


My 2007 started in the dimly-lit cabin of a Boeing 767 on a flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur. From KL, I fluttered to Melbourne where I started work on my first professional job in fire engineering.

February was marked by my first New Year away from home. I also moved from a room in a low-cost flat to a townhouse shared with The Architect and The Chemist.

Much of March was whiled away playing Gran Tourismo 3, unfortunately.

I took a week off work to fly home for an aunt’s wedding in May, and also partly due to homesickness. Seeing my family, aunts and cousins gave me a much-needed revival.

In July, I started studying financial derivatives and investment planning, courtesy of several text books loaned by Jean.

August was dominated by a major push to revamp my CV and preposterously many dinners with a Jean, who was due to leave Melbourne at the end of the month.

A portion of October was dedicated to analysing air-fares for December between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur.

November went by in a blur of differential equations as I independently derived the higher-order derivatives of the Black-Scholes prices of options. Joo Lee and her mother visited Melbourne; it was a few wonderful days with them.

December was marked with plenty of travelling, briefly summarised as:
Melbourne-Singapore-Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau-Hong Kong. Also repaid my parents a huge debt associated with various air fares and miscellaneous outlays, totalling a massive RM 10,000.

My 2007 ended at the Tsim Sa Tsui waterfront with the brothers and cousins.

Development for the year was concentrated in finance. No ground-breaking insights were made through mathematics. Physics took a back seat for most of the time except when I was flying. Advances in photography were in the use of microphotography, prime lenses and off-camera flash photography.

And in the near future, I will:
- resign from my position
- fly home (again!) for the New Year
- start work in Shanghai