Sunday, February 03, 2008


Tomorrow, I will leave Melbourne with no plans to return in the near term.

The house has been emptied, the bags are prepared and the boxes are already on their way to KLIA. My Hanimar 400mm f/6.3 lens has been auctioned away with a capital gain of 100%, and the beloved knives have been given to a friend’s aunt.

With a tone of conviction, the friend’s aunt said, “don’t worry, aunty will hold on to them [the knives] until you come back.” I tried to convince her to at least use them; sharp cutting edges are to be used, not preserved like the International Prototype Kilogram. It is hoped that the cutting edges will continue to serve humanity.

This friend’s aunt happens to have access to a different channel of information about my future plans, and hence her remarks are understandable. However, anyone else that asks me “will you come back to Australia, what about your permanent residence?” will be dismissed with a brief discussion that while Australia is a decent country, it is not the holy grail; the world is bigger than one continent.

I have to go. This post will be cut short; updates from PJ later.