Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This started off as an aimless rant. But i found something that changed my mood.

OMG OMG OMG, I just found something that would make life easy for this nerd blogger. Observe the following characters (not images)

x ≠ 0, x ∈ ℜ, ∃ y ∈ ℜ, y = 1/x
For all x which are non zero and real, there exists a real y that satisfies the equation y = 1/x

A few more interesting symbols:
ℵ - Aleph, used to denote the cardinality of various infinities
∂ - partial differential of
∫ - integral
≅ - is congruent to
≈ - is asymptotic to/ is almost equal to
≡ - is equivalent to/ is congruent to
≥ - is greater than or equal to
∝ - is proportional to
∞ - infinity

Can you just feel the personality of this blog sapping away? That's not the important thing; but it implies that I am losing my edge/ mind. Where are the stories, the descriptive narrations, the Chinese posts?

If it's not photographs, it's some mad-scientist entry. The next entry will probably be a fusion of statistical thermodynamics and a pinch of chemistry. Goodness, who the hell blogs reads quantum physics and statistical thermodynamics posts anyway?

And have you noticed how I can never be satisfied with my state of mind? Sometimes I weep at my lack of Chinese proficiency, then I complain about my decline in technical articles, or I bitch about too much bad photography, now I'm ranting about too many technical articles.

Not too long ago, I was lamenting that I had not written anything technical. If past trends can be used as a guide for future behaviour, I think I'll get my muse back in a few months and produce loads of half decent writings. Then I'll probably go on about my lack of photographs...


Anyway, here's a photograph. I discovered that it was extremely simple to climb onto the roof of my block of flats. With a tripod and some copyright infringements, I produced a 360 degree panorama.

Click here for large size image (remember to scroll sideways)

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