Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A little tour of Brisbane

I will be flying to Brisbane this evening to visit some relatives (father’s sister and mother’s uncle and cousins). After a few days, I will be meeting my family at the Brisbane aerodrome.

A short bit of touring later, we will hop onto one of those tubular bits of aluminium alloy to fly back to Melbourne in time for my graduation.

After that, the plan is to rent a car and look around Melbourne and Victoria, and then perhaps take a 12 hour drive to Sydney to look at more things, before my family flies home from the Melbourne aerodrome around the 25th or 26th of December.

My initial flight of 25th December from MEL to KUL has been postponed to the afternoon of the 20th of January. However, this flight might even be entirely cancelled, pending many factors that I can’t be bothered to list out.

The photography series “A general, handwaving guide to digital photography” will probably be suspended for a while. At any rate, I have not completely drafted the last 2 topics, so I’ll have something to do on my 2 hour flight to Brisbane, apart from reading the general relativity book.

Which reminds me I need to get my family to bring the Olympus C740UZ along. Carl Zeiss lens with 10x optical zoom, and 3cm focal length on super macro are not specifications to trifle with.

Time to sleep; need to pack, pay bills, tidy up the apartment (parents coming- you understand my problem right?) tomorrow. Not to mention the early lunch at 1pm with a few friends.

Enough verbal diarrhoea. My next entry will be from Queensland.