Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Word verification is now on

That’s it. I’m retiring from this mess.

In the past, I tolerated the odd spam comment or two. It was too much work to have to do the word verification thingy every time someone wanted to make a remark.

It was also a bit of fun coining insults to throw at those spam automatons.

However, they seem to be rather prevalent of late. As such, word verification will be turned on.

Sample insults I’ve come up with:

Illegitimate half-bred child of a hairless goat... go sodomise yourself with a fork.

I have a FREE tip for you. Train your pet iguana to sew with blunt, rusty needles and coarse nylon thread. Then, request that the cold blooded creature sews up your anus. Subsequently, recruit a horse to forcibly rip it open with its huge horse dick. Repeat.

You wank using 2 fingers.

[Edit 6.17pm 4th October 05]

The party responsible for all my recent problems has the following details:

Country: Canada
City : Ruchmond Hill, Ontario
Organisation : Rogers cable inc. mtnk
IP address :
Visit length : 00:00:15
Referrer URL : bookmark
Species : hairless androgynous goat