Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wind Tunnel Succubus

Click for large image

This is my first attempt to venture into pretend-abstract art. Suddenly hitting on a remarkable inspiration this afternoon, I have arrived at a brilliant scheme that would help name abstract art pieces.

Get two (or more) extremely unconnected words and put them together like it was actually meant to mean something.

For example,

Strawberry Porcupine
Elephant Tincture
Wind Tunnel Succubus
Stagflationary Penis
The Ethereal Cauliflower

What can you come up with? Come on, the more the merrier.

About the art piece:
This was generated by creating a 10 by 10 matrix that is a function of 2 variables. The matrix is complex- each element has a real and imaginary part. Changing the two variables (x and y) will change the values of elements in the matrix, naturally. The determinant D of this matrix will be a complex number, due to the fact that the elements are complex. If for a particular x and y combination, the imaginary part of D is zero, a red dot is dotted on the x-y plane. However, if the real part of D is zero, a blue dot is made on the x-y plane.

This plot is extremely elegant in that at first glance, it appears to be a criss-cross of lines not unlike a chain link fence. However, closer inspection will reveal that the blue lines in fact never cross each other. At the ‘crossing’ points, they actually veer away sharply from each other, leaving a gap in between where the red line will slip through. Sometimes, these gaps are vanishingly small; other times, they are blatantly visible.