Saturday, July 23, 2005

Photo Contest by JFE 8555

"Me and My Car" photo contest by project 8-triple-5.

Yes, that adorable Iswara Aeroback JFE 8555 is organising a photo contest so he can oogle at other cars.

For a duration of 01 (One) Week, starting on the 18th of July and ending on the 24th of July, you bloggers (yes, just bloggers) may send me a picture of yourself together with your car, to be judged by me to these criterion (in no particular order);

1. Location of shoot
2. Car's looks
3. Blogger's looks
4. Overall impression and impact
5. Picture clarity
6. Angling and focus creativity
-JFE 8555

Each of the top 3 contestants will win a DVD of Initial D: Live Action.

Contest closing soon. Quick quick quick!

Details here.
Updates here.