Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Memo to self

I just came back from freeloading at a bookshop. As usual, I was reading expensive motoring related literature that I could never afford. Those specialist publications like Racecar Engineering and Race Tech are hideously expensive.

I also spotted a book, “Going Faster: Mastering the Art of Race Driving : The Skip Barber Racing School” by Carl Lopez.

“Interesting… lets see what it has to say on gearshifts.”

Plenty, it turned out. One whole chapter was dedicated to various gearshift techniques and explanations. It turned out that double-clutch heel-and-toe is in fact used necessary for racing gearboxes that do not have synchromesh (!). Some experienced drivers can match speeds so well that they no longer need the clutch when shifting, even on non-synchromeshed racing boxes.

However, the Lopez cautions beginners not to get into the habit of shifting without dipping the clutch until they are sufficiently proficient at the skill, or have the budget for frequent gearbox maintenance.

Take note, Yee Hou and Yee Wei.

I also noticed that my ego is too closely related to weird-arsed gearshift black magic. I ought to get a life, perhaps read a bit on tort law, catch up on number theory, finish reading some political science essays (note to IR Postgraduate: yes, its progressing along OK at the moment) and start reading that unsold accounting text book I have in stock.