Friday, July 22, 2005

Yee Wei’s marriage compatibility check meme

Don’t ask how I got such a weird idea to design a meme.

Yee Wei’s marriage compatibility check meme-

What is your internet connection speed?
ADSL, 512 kbps

List any two movies you like.
Hero, I am Curious

What are a few of your material wants?
To drive some really ham sap cars like the DTM Audi A4, JGTC Honda NSX, Lister Storm...

Which religion(s) do you adhere to? Are you a staunch believer?
I’m mostly agnostic, but sometimes lean a bit toward Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism teachings.

How likely is it that you will marry someone with different religious beliefs to yours?
No problems, unless he/she/it tries to convert me. That is annoying.

How likely is it that you will marry someone of different race/colour to yours?
Slim chance. Too many cultural differences to iron out.

Do you like children?
Yes, except when they are whining and crying endlessly. Then they look hideous and sound irritating.

Will you mind marrying the one who tagged you?
[i can't answer this since no one tagged me- this is the first generation].

I am tagging:
JFE 8555 (because it would be interesting to hear a car's opinion on these things)

Note- this is not an expression of interest ok.