Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What an exciting read!

Here is a brilliantly executed account of a first-timer’s experience at a race track. While accounts of track days are commonplace in the media, it is a very rare occurrence to find a fantastic narration that makes you want to go to one yourself.
I musn't brake or lift off, even though it's downhill and I'm picking up speed, because I know from Calum that I can take this flat-out, and it's uphill now, and I've made it through the corners and… Oh my God, here are two Porsche 911s, a Radical SR3, a Caterham Seven and an Ariel Atom up my backside. I can see them all quivering in my vibrating rear-view mirror, but they're not pushing me yet; I'm praying for a straight to let them by, and thank goodness here's one. I move over, and stick my left arm out to wave them on, but they're all through before I can lift my hand, and here comes the Dunlop bridge!

I marvelled at the difference between boy racers and racing drivers: the former hustle you through bends, itching to get past, and so completely miss their lines and lurch around on ragged laps. The racing drivers, meanwhile, hold back to let you sort out your turn then power past in beautifully executed manoeuvres.

The Daily Telegraph has a very well written weekly motoring section that is worth inspecting.

Erin Baker, "Tracks of My Tears", Motoring, The Daily Telegraph, 4th June 05, United Kingdom.