Sunday, June 12, 2005

Some points to consider

[edit 13 June- Recomendation: read the original text by ob!que. Perhaps surprsingly, it is not about Western culture but the Malaysian diaspora (brain drain)]

Quoted from ob!ique:

I have a few issues about this. Mostly questions really and they sorta sound like this:

  • What makes you think being from a Western culture/country is advantageous/privileged?

  • What makes the West so great? Has the media influenced us all to believe that?

  • What is so embarassing with being Asian and from a developing state that nobody has heard of?

  • Can you not see how ignorant some people are as to not even know anything outside their little mindsets?

  • Cultural plurality giving way to Western hegemony - does that sound right to you, at all?

  • Read the full article here.