Friday, December 26, 2008

Today is my last working day of the calendar year.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was awesome – I woke up at 8 am, arrived at work at 9 am, had lunch at 12.30 pm, left at 5.40 pm, went to a supermarket to get some food on the way back, made fried rice at 7.00 pm, listened to part of a lecture in field theory (this business of the Langrangian is actually quite fascinating), swept and mopped the apartment’s floors, took a warm shower, raced a few laps on GTR-2, called home to check on their Christmas eve party [most of the relatives who attended are not Christians- we celebrate Christmas as another opportunity to get together, have fun, eat and make noise], chatted a bit, read a few blogs and went to bed.

I'll be on leave till the 5th of January. Back next year.

Lunch break is over.