Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wedding planning

I was chatting with May some days ago when the topic of weddings crept up. We started talking about what we will do for each other's wedding, at what age will marriage be appropriate, etc etc.

Not surprisingly, I have been drafted into the photography service for her future wedding.

May: when u get married i wanna be wedding planner ok
get big ang pau!!!!
then u no need to be stressed
coz u won't know what colour to chose
u will only select the lighting!
“i want all yellow light..”
then hotel have to change all the bulbs
Me: pfft
no, i want diffuse light
shine from the bottom onto the ceiling
reflect off the ceiling
yah.. whatever light la..
then light cost more than the food
That, would be the best wedding
then ur wife tiew [will fuck you]


May: i think i will get married about 30 la..
how about u?
Me: dunno err
30 is probably a good age
but as long as its with a suitable person, the age is not a problem
how old are u?
2 years older than you
how old are you again?
means u 24
30 is probably ok u la..
ya meh im 24?
no i'm 25 this year
wtf i kena con d is it
its 2008
i was born in 83
im 25 lah stop confusing me wtf
u mean u need to question ur self and anaylse?
you know i forget, dont exploit me ok!
wtf ?
i need to count years
wtf man
u need to think and calculate?
u make me laugh untill wanna pang sai
i go shit 1st
go go you're full of shit :P

No I'm not getting married anytime soon, don't ask.