Sunday, July 06, 2008

You cannot hide from The Internet

It was a dark stormy night when her name was noticed in the lists.

Outside, gusts of howling wind drove the rain streaks in diagonal slashes, impinging upon glass facades with stout, firm thuds. The black sky would occasionally erupt in flashes of lightning, bright enough to illuminate the entire city for milliseconds. Thunder would follow in several seconds.

Indoors, the occupants couldn't care less. They had air conditioning that removed moisture from the air; they use computers, not windows, to see the world; with adequate surge protection and uninterrupted power supply.

“Who is she?”
“We don't know.”

At once, three minds reached out to Google.

“I have her blog.”
“I see it, but the address has been taken by someone else.”
“Friendster profile [link]. It's a private profile though.”
“She's connected to Chin. I'll ask Chin about her the next time I see her.”
“I think Joanne might know her.”
“She is either in PWC or Daimler-Chrysler. She is connected to someone who consulted both firms.”
“Ok, she's most probably from PWC. She knows Victor, Ling and Joanne – all of them PWC people.”

Satisfied they have enough of a lead for further investigation, the three withdrew their enquiring tentacles from The Internet.

“A bit young to be playing in such deep waters, don't you think?”
“Mm, we'll see.”

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