Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random images from Guangzhou

The Chen Clan Academy is a very well preserved home of a well-to-do family bearing the same surname as myself.

It's a huge place, with elaborately sculpted architectural features, large halls, long corridors and spacious courtyards.

A huge rock carving with fantastic 3D detailing was set in the front wall of the mansion.

Click here for large size image

There were many long corridors and doorways:

Click here for large size image

The weather was terrible in Guangzhou. With daytime temperatures of 30 - 36 degrees C and relative humidity of 60 - 90%, we felt like fishes being steamed in a clear, sweaty broth.

Do not be deceived by the pretty rays of sunlight, tufts of clouds and clear blue sky; this is far from heaven.

We got our nails manicured for 20 RMB each. I was extremely disappointed with it. The nails were trimmed, filed and rounded. The cuticles were pushed back and trimmed with a cuticle cutter. A layer of polish was then applied (which I did not opt for).

So I paid 20 RMB to get my nails trimmed. Pfft. Where's the emery board and multi-stage buffing? Why aren't my nails ground smooth and then polished to the shine of a brand new PVC bottle?

For RM5 (~10 RMB), I can get myself a nail buffing kit and do it for everyone.


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