Monday, March 10, 2008

Beijing - a brief summary in photographs

Wangfujin is a commercial street located East of Tiananmen Square. Along a portion of the street, various food stalls are set up selling a strange assortment of food.

Starfish and Bee Cocoons

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Starfish and bee cocoons (on skewers located in trays behind the starfish tray) are available...

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...together with disturbingly large centipedes.

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The last time we visited, this river was still frozen solid. A few of the younger cousins looked for large rocks to throw on the ice in hopes of breaking it. They were not the first ones to try- several chunks of stones, concrete and bricks indicate previous failed attempts.

A surprising number of people were on a bridge taking photos of the Bird Nest. However, with the number of street lights and wires in the way, i decided to screw it.

The Water Cube

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We came back at night to find the the National Aquatics Centre illuminated. While the buildings are completed, work is going on for the landscaping around the stadiums.

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