Friday, March 07, 2008

Ooh look, a proxy web site!

The Great Firewall of China has blocks access to all blogspot sites and BBC News. I also hear that porn sites are blocked, although I have not gotten round to verifying this. It is rather bad, seeing that BBC is my source for news.

After some searching, I have found online proxy sites that are designed to circumvent intrusive online nannying practices. I go to a proxy site which is not blocked by the government, and request that the site sends me the BBC content. The site will independently obtain the BBC data and send it back to me, thus i do not need to connect directly to the BBC.

To illustrate:
Imagine an extremely insecure and jealous husband. (For the purpose of this discussion, neglect the question of how an extremely insecure and jealous managed to get married.) He does not like his wife talking to a seeing dashing old friend of hers. But she wants to get their primary school teacher's phone number from him.

Unfortunately, all communication is partially monitored by the insecure husband. He checks each caller, and once he has verified that the caller is not the dashing old friend, he lets her be. So there is no way she can call the old friend. However, she decides to use a proxy.

Our heroine calls her friend Stella- she has unrestricted access to Stella. She asks Stella to ring the old friend and get the number from him. (The connection between Stella and the old friend is unmonitored because Stella is outside the control of this insecure husband). Then Stella will pass the information back to the heroine (which is possible because the heroine has unrestricted access to Stella).


I’ll be going to Beijing for the weekend. Will probably bring the film camera as well, seeing that film processing and printing is quite cheap here.