Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally, some words for this blog


Probably taken with a Jupiter 9 85mm/2.0 wide open for the shallow depth of field and fuzzy highlights. White balance was tweaked to retain the evening sunlight’s colour. Needs a CRT monitor to view the colours; the warm cast is not rendered properly on some LCD monitors.

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Super-Takumar 50mm/1.4 with an extension tube, exposed at f/4 or thereabouts. Slight vignetting was artificially introduced to isolate the subject.

He flipped through the book quickly for a cursory preview of its contents. Blocks of text, graphs, charts and equations tumbled before him, resembling the churning of wet concrete in a concrete mixer. Together, the text, figures and concrete gave him a very brief summary of International Finance Management.

There was a fleeting flash of blankness where the tumbling action flipped past two pages where a sheet of paper had been slipped in between. He stopped flipping to extract that interstitial sheet of paper.

It was a fragment of the book’s previous owner, an exam timetable. A realisation hit him; time stopped.

Someone else used to read this book.

His mind scrolls back, like a Turing Machine pulling the ticker tape back to review past marks. Slowly, hazy memories resurface and come into focus.

The Accountant used to own this book; technically she still does as it was merely loaned to him. He had not seen her two decades, since they parted ways in the late 2000s.

Ah yes, 2007. It was the year that dream-chasing took them down separate paths; the divergence was bittersweet.

“I wonder what she is up to…”

He rang her 25-year-old telephone number.


“What a strange dream…”

Finally, the Nikon SB-25 is here. Combined with a wireless trigger, the blinding pulse is extremely useful for just about anything. Repeated the smoke photos using a much smaller aperture for greater depth of field.


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The neighbour has an evil-looking Ducati with carbon fibre everywhere and a collection of ducts feeding and cooling its engine. This is its chain drive.


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