Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two overused phrases:
  • Cute
  • Morbid curiosity (and its derivatives)


In the distance, in black hole within Galaxy 0402+379 slowly devours an orbiting star. Material from the star’s surface is slowly shredded off and angrily churned in high energy accretion disc. The material gradually gets drawn towards the black hole, finally disappearing beyond the event horizon. The black hole emits a violent, continuous burp in the form of two high energy relativistic jets along the poles of the accretion disc.

Meanwhile, I seem to have acquired a syndrome of sorts. I feel slightly depressed when weekends and weekday evenings pass without any productivity. This is probably a good thing in terms of my quest to work through that 5 kilograms of light reading material, but it does indicate that something is not quite right under the surface.

More disturbingly, there appears to be a positive correlation between this syndrome’s absence and the presence of certain events. If this correlation is strong, the implications are not good- perhaps an underlying emotional instability or psychological black hole.

But in the meantime, faark it; I will go back to studying corporate finance.



Blogger jean` said...

its positive. you've gone mad.

*evil laughs*

btw, soft cheeses are so bloody expensive wtf. better off buying cake than making it esp if its cheese related =.=

10:22 am, September 07, 2007  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

*accusatory point of The Finger*

It's all your fault.

8:49 pm, September 08, 2007  
Blogger sonia said...

Hey, did u ammend some codes in ur bloggy's template or something?

Couple of days ago (or so) when I visited ur blog, the fonts on ur right (column) + words after ur "silver lining" photo --- were all SO small! It is STILL small now..

Could it be u forgot to "close up" ur "small font coding" after ur silver lining photo entry? Hmm..

5:06 am, September 09, 2007  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

Hey, thanks for pointing that out. Problem does not show up on Firefox hence did not see it.

Yeah, did not close a lot of {span} html tags, so the words got smaller and smaller...

8:49 am, September 09, 2007  
Blogger sabrina said...

Two overused phrases/words :

1. Fuck (and the many many variations)

2. My ass la

My mummy the English teacher would be soo proud

2:53 pm, September 19, 2007  
Blogger Tan Yee Wei said...

Proud? My ass la :p
'My ass la' is so characteristically you, when i read that it immediately connected to you.

8:09 pm, September 19, 2007  

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