Saturday, August 04, 2007

Updates on the author

A career fair is approaching. Several large companies of interest include Accenture, Shell, Schlumberger, HSBC, OCBC and KPMG. The challenge is to produce a CV that would bluff impress the finance, accounting and banking people in the last three firms.

-Explained by means of stress analysis how a blunt serrated blade can slice tomatoes with greater ease than a sharp straight-edged knife
-Applied principles of mechanics to optimise some martial arts techniques
-Attempted to code a simulator of a relativistic, vibrating spring-mass system before realising that force transmission is due to exchange of force-carrying particles between interacting bodies

A CV like that is not going to get me anywhere near the entrance of KPMG; an alternative approach is needed.


Due to an aberration in the universe’s fine structure, Saturday was Mr. Chan’s birthday. We, including The Architect and The Chemist, far fed him more ‘wine’ than he would normally handle. He normally handles slightly less than my tolerance limit of 1 glass.

Ribena and vodka

The birthday boy

A note to The Accountant: I may be reading your Futures and Options text book, but that does not mean I'm qualified to give useful suggestions on inflation calculation methods.

A note to the rest of the world: inflation discussed here concerns the increase in price of goods, not the exponential increase in the size of the universe. I'm also not qualified to comment on cosmology.