Sunday, August 19, 2007

Further updates on the author

Yesterday, a lady friend of one of the housemates dropped by, resulting in the photo below:


Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4
Matches my page colours, no?

The last 2 weeks had been filled with introspection. What am I doing here? What do I want to do?

It does not help that the thought process is sometimes recursive, where the mind contemplates upon the process of contemplation. Like Gödel’s theorem suggesting that the edifice of mathematics is as watertight as a colander, recursion can completely shatter one’s confidence in earlier judgements.

(1) I think I will move away from engineering and pursue a career in [something else].

(2) But what if this decision had been made in a moment of rash emotional instability?

(3) Now, if I accept decision 1 and regret it, what happens? I’d realise that decision 1 was a bad decision. I will also regret my stupidity for not factoring in the implications of question 2.

Now, apart from aggressively reading on [something else], I am also inspecting my psyche – admittedly in a quarter-arsed manner – to find potential flaws in the decision-making algorithm(s).


I called up the travel agent on Firday and got my December air tickets booked. Remarkably efficient and helpful, she also put me on the waiting list for cheaper fares and better days.

Jessie, (+61)3 9888 2886
Apparently you can pay by bank deposit and they’ll send you the tickets by registered mail at no extra cost.

When I told her I’m looking for a flight to Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd of December, she breathes in slowly and replied, “Mmm, the 22nd is very packed. There are no more seats on that flight. That period is already very full, I think I can get you…” a pause as fingers fly across a keyboard on the other end of the line. “The cheaper tickets are available for the 11th of December.”

“11th? No no, 2 weeks of leave would kill me,” I replied, horrified. “Let’s not look on price but base it on the date instead.”

She laughs. “Ok, we have… for a flight departing on the Friday the 21st, we have a seat available for $1345. Oh wait, Friday is full too. For Thursday, we have one last seat available for $1461. But Wednesday is still very available, and the ticket price is $1345.”

“Mm, ok, so the difference between Wednesday and Thursday is about $120. Nah, my leave days are worth more than that, let’s stick to Thursday.”

“Haha, ok. Since this is the last seat already, we better lock it in as soon as possible. Can I have your family name please?”

“T A N”

“And your name?”

“Y E E space W E I”

“Mister or Doctor?”

*stunned, extended silence while I contemplated whether to say Professor*


Suddenly, the year end seems so close.

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