Friday, November 24, 2006

The countdown has started

In five days, I will be pushed into a pressurised vessel (in the form of a Boeing 747-400) and flown into Kuala Lumpur with several kilograms of photographic equipment, junk food and clothing.

Application of full throttle on the 747’s four turbofan engines would be a notable event marking the end of a significant phase of my life.

The past 6 months had been amazing. I learned to be financially self sufficient (taking money from my parents after becoming eligible for professional employment would be extremely unethical). Waiting tables improved my self-confidence. My Chinese improved a fair bit. I took a lot of photographs. I looked for and found a professional job. I met a remarkable person. I no longer find gays scary (except for the weirdest ones).

The lifestyle was wonderful. Averaging at about 16 hours of work weekly and not having any lectures to worry about, I had lots of time. I could drift out for a coffee or breakfast together with office workers having their lunches. Or I could freeload on magazines at the bookshop while everyone else was busy working or studying, then flit off to dinner.

My graduation last year was for my parents- they had successfully raised a son to the level of Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical). For me, there was no sense of achievement. All tuition fees and expenses were paid by my parents. Due to luck, the final project was remarkably stress-free. The ceremony felt hollow, tedious even. But don't get me wrong, I am grateful.

This six months, however, are almost entirely mine. Almost, because significant credit must be still given to my parents, Tracey, May and David.

At the end of my undergraduate degree, I was fretting about having to stop bumming, start working and be responsible. Now that I am a bit tired of waiting tables (after having figured out how to coax the coffee machine to help me pour latte-art), professional work and the associated money is starting to look attractive.

In five day’s time, I will be flying home for a holiday, then to Beijing on the 24th. I’ll start work several days after I get back to Melbourne. Then, a new phase would start.

But first, I’m off to think about packing.


This afternoon brought with good weather and bad developments. Sigh. :(

PS: I just realised that I wrote "I met a remarkable person. I no longer find gays scary." They are in no way connected.