Saturday, May 13, 2006

The narcissistic Q&A meme

Yvy dumped this on me. Meme etiquette demands that I answer the questions, although it is not an explicit requirement to propagate it.

I AM: Learning the 7th Dan Taekwondo pattern.
I JUST NOW: Ate dinner at 11.30pm.
I SAID: I ate dinner at 11.30pm!
I WANT: To be properly multilingual. Ok, bi.
I WISH: To have a teleconverter and a wideangle converter.
I HATE: Not many things at all.
I MISS: My family, the bunch of cousins and the Malats.
I FEAR: Uncertainty.
I WONDER: If the universe is laughing at me.
I HEAR: Someone shouting, “Of course not! As if It can even be bothered with you.”
I REGRET: Not many things either.
I AM NOT: Bisexual. I had meant bilingual. BILINGUAL! (refer above)
I SING: Very, very rarely. The last time was with SY, TC and Shannon at The Curve, July 2004.
I CRY: Very rarely as well.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As fast a number cruncher as I would like to be.
I MADE: Muffins this afternoon! Joking; I went for Karate this afternoon.
I WRITE: Crap most of the time.
I CONFUSE: the spelling of uncertainty quite frequently (I usually add a superfluous i)
I NEED: to improve my vocabulary.
I SHOULD: Start reading more, then.
I START: My ‘day’ at noon.
I FINISH: My ‘day’ at 5am.
I TAG : Shyan, since he had just established his very own page. Go, go do it.