Friday, March 03, 2006

Guess the cliché game

This serving of tea comes in a paper box, probably a Tetra Brik. (Side note 1: as their marketing campaign goes, “Tetra Pak is a company, not a package”. Side note 2: note the preference for bad spelling.)

However, the print on the packaging says “Teh Botol”, Indonesian (most likely, since I haven’t seen this product in Malaysia) for Bottled Tea.

Hypothesis: a brand of tea used to be sold in glass bottles, marketed under the name of Teh Botol. Packaging technology and relative costs, consumer perceptions, distribution techniques et al., et al. changed; the name did not.

I know this is not something I do, snapping photographs of trivial oddities and then writing a monologue about the aforementioned oddities. XXXX. These four crosses can be substituted with a cliché that would flow quite naturally from the previous sentence, albeit in a rather clichéd manner. Guess that cliché.

First one to get it right gets a role in an upcoming section of Thumbelina. No, it’s not a star studded affair like the Nobel ceremony or the Cannes Film Festival. [offer withdrawn at 2200, 4th March 06]