Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vanilla Ninja; Russian mail order brides

I’m over the moon.

Having seen Vanilla Ninja’s performance at the 2005 Eurovision, and being rather impressed by them, I obtained (not purchased) their latest album, Blue Tattoo. The band members’ degree of prettiness had nothing to do with my enjoyment of the album- it was audio, not video.

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Sometime ago I decided to look for their earlier album, Traces of Sadness.

[Unnecessarily long sob story truncated.]

This afternoon, I found two torrent files, one from a German torrent site, and another from a Polish site. The download rates for both files were pathetically slow, to the order of less than 0.1 kb/s. At this pace, I’d never get the 70Mb downloaded.

It did appear that if I really wanted this album, I will have to pay money for a genuine CD to be flown into Australia. The CD itself would cost £7.96, US$27.96, £7.10 or €15.00, depending on which retailer you ask, not including the shipping of £3 to US$5.49 to £7, depending on who is mailing it. That’s the problem with Estonian bands- you can’t buy their albums from your friendly neighbourhood music retailer even if you wanted to (in these parts of the world anyway).


When I came back from (a nice Japanese) dinner, I noticed that one of the albums had finished downloading. [various exclamations] In the two hours I was away, the download rate must have experienced a delta function-like spike and finished the file. Wheehehehe...

Email me at and I’ll send you two tracks.


In searching for those torrent files, I came across a Russian site. I could not make anything out (I don't know Russian), except for a link that said "Russian mail order bride". I simply had to click on it. HAD TO.

  • Now you can send email messages to ladies even if they do not have a computer! Why wait 6-8 weeks for a response by post, when you can have a message translated into Russian and delivered to the lady in a few days.

  • We provide various services to make your contact with mail order brides most efficient. You can send flowers to the lady of your choice, get acquainted with hundreds of women during our tours, and even order a Fiancee Visa Kit for your soul mate. To start corresponding with ladies you need to register, and get either a simple or an executive search account.

  • Her response is then translated into English and sent to your own, confidential "mailbox" on´s secure Email Server.

  • Your love and romance starts here!

  • These things really do exist! So if you see me hanging out with an Eastern European girl in the future, you'll know what happened. Pfft...

    click click click

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