Thursday, May 12, 2005

Be Right Back

I will be writing significantly less frequently until the end of the month. After that, I will be back to my usual self. Ironically, that is when my exam study-break starts, on the first week of June, and then 4 exam papers over the subsequent 3 weeks.

In the shorter term, I will be facing many challenges.

Due date
30 %Mechanical Vibrations assignment16 May
5 %Engine knock lab report18 May
5 %Control Systems assignment227 May
40 %Solid Mechanics assignment27 May
0 %Major Project progress report 127 May
0 %Professional Practice summary of seminar lectures30 May

There are also rumours of an additional Thermodynamics assignment. Drat.

This list does not look as scary as one I constructed a year ago. That particular semester involved many subjects, and most had a few lab sessions and their own assignments. At one point, I had 13 (smallish) documents that were due.

brb (circa 1st June)