Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Eat Sleep Shit Week (day 4)

The Eat-Sleep-Shit Week is a movement by Jolene Lai to relive the hey-days of blogging, to recover the ability or inclination to spew endless sentences about anything and everything.

"The rules are that you must type everything that happened to you in the past 24 hours and you can add any tid bits from the previous days."- Jolene Lai


After extended bouts of uncertainty, it is now confirmed that my tourist visa cannot be renewed further - I will have to return to Malaysia to get a new entry permit. Yay!

A major sigh of relief. I had already estimated that the visa needs further processing in Malaysia, and had arranged elaborate plans concerning my allocation of time and appointments.

We will be moving from Petaling Jaya to Manjalara this coming weekend. It will be a mess. We'll be using the services of professional movers, but the aunts, uncles and cousins will be coming to 'help' anyway. Even the god sister will be coming from Malacca.

Judging from two aunts' moving experiences, the help received from the guests will be generally be restricted to watching the movers, assisting with the procurement and consumption of lunch, chit chatting and just having fun in general. It will be interesting.

Most of my time spent on the office was dedicated to researching CFD (computational fluid mechanics). It's a terribly frightful step- because we are not buying the commercial packages, I have to stick to the free codes. Not only do those require a fair bit of programming, they also require... (ominous drum roll) Linux.

I've already got Ubuntu running on this machine, but right now I feel like I have brought my own car and have only managed to figure out how to start the engine.

Lets not talk more about work.

I spoke to my father later in the evening, and he asked about my progress in the CFA material.
“It's ok. I'm running to a tighter schedule just to see if I will have problems next term when I only have 6 months to study, instead of 9. So far I'm on schedule.”
“The topics are not too hard are they?”
“So far they are the easy ones. They are ethics, statistics and macroeconomics. But the next one is financial statements analysis.”
“Oh that will probably be difficult.”


“Wei, you must remember, however much knowledge and technical skills you have, you still need to work on your interpersonal skills. You cannot only rely on your knowledge; a lot of times you'll need to build working relationships with different people.”

Ah yes, the ugly truth.

When I got back to the hostel at night, someone was already working at the dining table so I studied in the living room. Not much progress was made – the blasted TV was just too distracting.