Sunday, March 30, 2008


What’s worse that arriving at Shanghai to find the Oriental Pearl Tower partially obscured by mist?

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Arriving at Shanghai to find the Oriental Pearl Tower completely visible- that thing is an eyesore.

Yeah I’m back in Shanghai for a short while.

On Saturday, I went to the western bank of the Huangpu River to get a look at the skyscrapers of Shanghai’s commercial centre. This particular section of the western bank is known as The Bund, after the bunds (floodwalls) that contain the Huangpu’s waters.

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Dense mist that day made it nearly impossible to get anything interesting out of the scenery- distant objects were too fuzzy, and the colours were made dreary by the light-scattering mist. A reasonably bright coloured barge was used to give the images a bit of bang, but the success of this rescue attempt is questionable.

I then took a long ride on the light rail to the end of Line 6 in search for the Yangtze River. The terminus was located near a port/ container terminal, which I thought would make for an interesting visit. But I neglected the fact that most ports, if not all, are not for public access.

Walking around the small lanes and backstreets of the area, I came across a vegetable patch located next to some houses and bounded by a container yard on one side.

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Super-Takumar 50mm/1.4 at full aperture

By then, it was close to 6pm, and the light was fading. A light drizzle convinced me it was time to get on my way back to central Shanghai.

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