Monday, April 21, 2008

The Eat Sleep Shit Week (day 2)

The Eat-Sleep-Shit Week is a movement by Jolene Lai to relive the hey-days of blogging, to recover the ability or inclination to spew endless sentences about anything and everything.

"The rules are that you must type everything that happened to you in the past 24 hours and you can add any tid bits from the previous days."- Jolene Lai


On Saturday afternoon, the plant's main feed pipe was to be pressurised in preparation for a flushing of some pipes feeding the filter assemblies.

A bunch of engineers stood below the overhead pipe, craning their necks to look at the pipe. It was merely a 10-inch PVC pipe, large but nothing of great interest. Nothing changed as it was pressurised; it was still a pipe. The bunch of engineers continued to crane and look.

Then there was a dull thud. A massive torrent of water (probably in excess of 150 litres per second) erupted from a fracture and cascaded towards the bunch of engineers. I was caught in that mess.

It was actually quite interesting. There was a thump, someone shrieked, water everywhere in the air, people in red coloured hard hats running about...

My sweater was wet, and it was not wise wearing that around. As the water slowly evaporate, the sweater become unhealthily cold. So I had to remove that and make do with just a t-shirt. But the weather was cold (it was cloudy, and there was a bit of a cold breeze), so it was almost as cold.

The pipe would take some time to repair, so there was not much that could be done. We hung around a bit more, pointing around and assigning blame, then left by 6 pm.

The night passed in a haze. There was dinner, studying the economics module for my CFA, a long phone call, setting hot laps on GTR 2, more studying, writing the first Eat Sleep Shit entry and more studying.

Sunday was supposed to be a long day, but with the ruptured pipe, nothing could be done. A T-joint had to be replaced, and the joint being a massive contraption with odd sizes, it had to be acquired from a happy place far far away. Nothing substantial could be done on site so I stoned at home.

The intention was to study, but the cousin had trouble with her statistics homework and wanted me to explain the concepts to her. I admire her specific request to NOT solve the problems for her, just to provide a conceptual guide pointing towards the solution method.

Then there was MSN which was sufficiently distracting, not to mention GTR 2 and blogs.

Damn it, it is obvious. I cannot study with the computer next to me. When the internet connection here was not ready I could storm through the chapters like Germany through Poland.

Part of the reason I'm so concerned about passing this series of exams is because it's my money on the line. 600+ USD per year is not loose change.