Monday, June 25, 2007

Screw titles, I don't do titles


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Today, the old warrior and myself inadvertently made a pair of disclosures that were so ironic that they “felt like a counter-backthrust.” The situation is so unique that to mention the nature of the irony here would point towards the source of interest as surely as an iron(ic) compass needle towards Magnetic North.

What happens when you have a set of three entangled differential equations? Just like the three-body problem in celestial mechanics- chaos.

Perhaps when all of us are no longer chaotically entangled, we will still be sane enough to look back at this day and laugh our asses off over glasses of teh-o-ais limau. I will buy the both of you teh-o-ais limau; mark my words.

Eureka Tower
Melbourne's greatest erection and tallest building


So Chan Yu Mei has dropped a little parcel bomb my way, which is probably a good thing because this page has been so devoid of words it’s starting to look like I’m illiterate.

5 things found in your bag:

- it sometimes holds my lunch and a pair of fork and spoon
- it frequently holds my gym clothes
- when I was still waiting table, it held my working shirt and black shoes
- now and then, when I don’t need the camera bag, it carries my optical instruments.
- a long time ago it held my sparring gloves

5 things found in your purse/wallet:

- HK$ 100.00
- AU$ 54.35
- RMB 11.50
- RM 5.00
- US$ 1.00

5 favourite things in your room (my room does not hold much so I’ll look at the house):

- the vegetable knife
- the meat knife
- the silicon-carbide sharpening blocks
- the chopping board
- the 320 Gb external hard disc drive

b5 things you're currently into:

- pseudo-boxing
- optics and photography
- the knife arts
- getting into a semi-trance like mental state
- coffee. definitely coffee

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