Thursday, June 07, 2007

A slightly edited chat transcript with a friend (will not identify and link unless permission is granted). Her words in blue; mine are in red.

Come think think of it, I doubt I’m much of a patriotic person. Actions taken have rarely been for the country. Or never.


A tragedy, i suppose

And you say it so lightly.

That’s probably because I do not feel the magnitude of it

Indifference really saddens me.

I suppose it’s a scale of which one looks at the universe. Do I look after myself, my family, my nation or my planet?

I guess the sense of duty vary in different people.

If I am only concerned about my welfare, I do what's best for myself. Or if I’m worried about the state of the universe, really, the earth does not even appear in the picture.

Of course your welfare also includes it's relation to the state because every action that you do is a direct impact from government policies. Unless one is super apathetic. Now that ... is scary.

That's true, but if one's concern is at a vastly different scale, then the connection can be quite small. Sacrifice my family's welfare for adding (my family size)/(state population) influence to the state? It’s a tiny proportion, to the order of 1 in a million. Then, will that be enough to change things sufficiently so my family lives better?

That's how many people think. They:
1. underestimate what the power of a collective can do
2. expect their actions to resonate loudly and create ripples as an individual, which is unreasonable unless one is Hitler
3. expect change overnight when most battles are often fought for many years.

That describes me well enough...

People like me are fighting for people like you, and it take fuckloads of will not to give up. It's rather stressful.

I don't know if you were ever a product of the injustice in the country. I wasn't one entirely because my parents could afford to pay for my education and I never asked for a scholarship.

But those who has been turned down, missed opportunities and having their merits trampled on because of their ethnicity - they need to fight the system. And stop the system from being irreversible.

Cos by then, I would help get people out of Taliban Malaysia instead as staying in Malaysia would be futile. Right now, the fight rages on ... and everybody hopes for change and better lives. Of course not just for us but for future generations. Clichéd as it seems. It's really daunting. but I’m glad to have tried than to have given up already.

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Blogger Traveler of Life. said...

Perhaps the cause is good and right.

You know when you get into a plane and they have this safety induction thing. Do you remember what they say about the oxygen masks?

I quote "Please put on your own mask before helping others".

How can one help anyone when they cannot properly make it themselves.

Question. What is the point of fighting when the change you swept away with even a light breeze? But if you concentrate on being strong, with one phone call buildings are torn down or rebuild depending on how you want it?

We are the product of our parent's efforts. If we cannot even give what our parents give us to our children be it financially etc, how can we face ourselves?

Perhaps some people have had an extremely good life, too good that they need not 'work' monetarily to build for the next generation? They just take from their parents?

So what, they 'fight' whilst their wife sells nasi lemak and kuih to fund her husband's cause? And the child suffer because the father is so busy 'fighting' kononnya? How can a caring responsible person when a person does not take care of his/her family first?

Like you said TYW, one takes care of his family first before others. What, leave them starving in the streets?

Do not know whether this person is really really receptive to ideas or merely brainwashed? Who knows, maybe there is no real difference.

TYW, you know i don't mean you in this whole context, hope no offence is taken by you.


David Chong.

P/S: Please post it up if you think it deem fit TYW :) Only applies to TYW, this invitation.

11:41 pm, June 13, 2007  

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