Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Like I said earlier, screw titles

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This is what work has been like for the past months, and probably many months to come. A trio of 280-metre crooked towers that twirls around each other, it’s a massive venture. Two of the towers coil around each other and merge at mid-rise to become one. Observe the massive hole at the top of the middle tower- that is a glass-roofed atrium that runs right down to the bottom. And, some of the duplex/triplex penthouses at the top levels actually encircle that atrium. Talk about preposterous.

A spell of idle fidgetiness saw me rearranging the links on the right side. The concept of “Fellow Pornstars” was shameless stolen from Sabrina. She’s so brilliant that it’s daft not to plagiarise her work, heh.

Shit, 12.30 already. Off to bed!

* Renderings by the architect