Saturday, October 07, 2006


English translation available below


如果得到这份工年底就可以和家人,亲戚们到北京去玩。加上给自己买一个好照相机,搬家,买一辆手动转述Honda Civic。。。



The moon is brighter in mid-autumn

I've got an interview on Monday and I'm a bit nervous. This job looks very promising: extremely technical, multinational engineering consultancy, superb location and good money.

If I get this job I'll be able to go to Beijing with my family and relatives at the end of the year. And get myself a digital SLR, move to a better place, buy a manual transmission Honda Civic...
Stop fantasising!
If I don't get it I'll continue searching.

Not being able to go to Beijing because I am jobless is a pitiful reason; I must not disappoint myself.

I'll get back to my preperation for the interview.

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