Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Memories of a love affair

A meeting had been agreed upon, but the details were yet to be confirmed. In particular, the ‘when’ part of our rendezvous had not been settled. All I knew was ‘this week’. The uncertainty was not doing my nerves any good, and every time I arrived at the location I looked round expectantly, only to be disappointed that it did not turn out to be ‘today’.

One day, as I returned home from god-knows-what, I saw her waiting in the porch. It was the most beautiful car I’ve seen in a while. On the boot lid, the 4 chrome circles of the Audi logo contrasted perfectly with its polished black finish.

The Audi A4 1.8t was here.

Everywhere I went, I took the A4 along. To the mamak, the supermarket, my aunt’s place, the bookshop, my friend’s place, the college.

In the process, I managed to get myself a fine for parking at a non-designated spot.

Ten days (or something like that) passed in a flash, and it was soon time to return the A4 back to her pimp in Glenmarie. It had been a wonderful experience, but I do not think I can commit myself living with an A4.

In the name of all things good and holy, this is so corny!
I recently found the fine and took a few photos of it. Yes, here in Melbourne. Hence today's sorry entry.